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Bidiful For: Content Management & Large File Sharing 


Bidiful For: Hosting Accreditation Process; Communication / Submission of Tasks, Responses & Evidence.

MattMedia is a young, quick, and dynamic Marketing Agency that operates UK wide. Driven by the thrill of recognising opportunities and turning them into success stories. Our in-house team of experts, including our company director, copywriter, and video editor, work collaboratively to produce compelling content that stands out in today’s digital market.

Bidiful is used to help with document management and issuing of large files to clients, with the added benefit of the comments and upload functionality that allows feedback to be routed back through the appropriate channels. 

Accredit provides highly bespoke support to the Hospitality, Leisure, and Heritage sectors. They work with clients to provide a suite of self certification modules which allows operators to attain the highest standards of operating in the sector. 

Bidiful works at the very core of the business, allowing clients to be managed as individual projects and modules to be added and duplicated with ease. The self certification process allows the master user to issue out actions and then the clients can carry these out and submit, with evidence when completed. As an additional benefit Bidiful has a third direction of communication with facilitates the marking of these submissions and feedback to completion.


Bidiful For: Member Organisation, On boarding, Management of Tasks & Monitoring of Actions.

ActionCOACH are a global business coaching organisation, with hundreds of coaches and thousands of members around the world. They provide a wide range of business support coaching services including executive coaching, group coaching, 1-to-1 coaching as well as workshops and webinars to support their members' growth.

Bidiful is helping ActionCOACH standardise it's document control and sharing systems as well as managing each coaching session via the projects function and also allowing for each coaching team to have their own personalised webspace where their members can complete tasks and follow up actions as required. 

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Bidiful For: Tender Management & Communication with Suppliers & Clients.


Bidiful For: Distribution of Design Documents and Project Management Through Entire Build Process.

ACE Advice is an independent company operating throughout the UK specialising in catering, cleaning and soft FM consultancy.

Their established team of consultants bring their expertise and knowledge to support Schools & Trusts to optimise and personalise Foodservice, Cleaning Services and other Soft FM requirements. 

Bidiful is used by the ACE Advice team to host and manage tenders for their clients, they often have multiple tenders running at the same time and have multiple consultants requiring access to the space. Operating in the public sector means that there are stringent requirements surrounding the audit-ability of tendering and the Bidiful platform supports this by creating document history logs and open messaging forums. 

Dovetail Foodservice Design is a specialised, dedicated design consultancy to the foodservice industry.​

They are experienced in different project approaches; whether as a direct appointment or as part of a wider design team and aim to provide the levels of service needed to ensure a fantastic end result. 

Bidiful supports the tendering process for the Dovetail projects but also allows for onward collaboration between design team parties such as architects, m&e specialists and client representatives who all often require immediate access to the latest information. The flexibility of the Bidiful projects means that they can add new documents to existing collaboration spaces and simply update the wider team with the click of a button. 


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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