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Why use tender portals at all?

Here we detail the benefits of using a system like Bidiful, although this is predominantly our opinion from our experience of running tenders in the modern world.

Whilst we understand that all businesses and enterprises are different, we have summarised below the top 5 benefits as we see them in using a tender platform as part of your wider procurement strategy.

  1. Efficiency and Time Savings: Procurement portals streamline the tendering process by providing a centralised platform for managing all aspects of procurement, from creating and issuing tenders to receiving and evaluating bids. This efficiency can result in significant time savings for both procurement teams and suppliers.

  2. Transparency and Fairness: Procurement portals promote transparency by allowing all interested suppliers to access tender documents, requirements, and evaluation criteria. This enables a fair and competitive environment, ensuring that suppliers have equal access to information and opportunities.

  3. Reduced Buyer Workload: Online procurement portals automate various administrative tasks, such as document distribution, submission, and tracking. This reduces the manual workload for procurement staff, enabling them to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

  4. Automated Reminders and Notifications: Procurement portals often offer automated alerts, reminding suppliers of important deadlines and updates. This feature helps ensure that both buyers and suppliers stay informed and on track.

  5. Improved Auditing and Compliance: Using a procurement portal can enhance auditability and compliance with procurement regulations. The digital trail of activities, communications, and document exchanges can facilitate easier auditing processes and help organisations demonstrate their adherence to procurement laws and guidelines.

It's important to note that the specific benefits of using a procurement portal can vary based on the platform chosen and the unique needs of the organisation. Additionally, advancements and changes in technology, regulations, and practices may impact the benefits of using procurement portals.

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