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Are portals only for running tenders?

This is usually quite a significant investment so what else can you use these online portals for once you've become comfortable and familiar with your way around the sites?

The way we see it at Bidiful is that these portals are a dual aspect online space, you see one side and your suppliers see the other side, the content of which is determined by you. But why stop at tenders? If you have a collaborative environment can you collaborate in other ways? Here are some of the many ways our clients have adapted our portal to their needs.

  1. Supplier Registration and Prequalification: The portal can allow new suppliers to upload their information, capabilities, and qualifications. This helps buyers prequalify potential suppliers before inviting them to specific tenders.

  2. Contract & Project Management: Manage and store all contract-related documents and information in one centralised location. Monitor contract milestones, deadline dates and submissions from anywhere in the world.

  3. Supplier Collaboration and Communication: Enable ongoing communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers through the portal. This can include messaging, document sharing, and information exchange.

  4. Electronic Signatures and Approval Workflows: Incorporate electronic signatures and approval workflows to streamline contract and document approval processes, reducing the need for physical paperwork.

  5. Sourcing and Market Intelligence: Provide market insights, trends, and benchmarking data to assist buyers in making informed procurement decisions.

  6. Risk Management and Compliance: Monitor supplier compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements, and assess potential risks associated with suppliers. Setting automated renewal dates for relevant documents such as insurances or accreditation certificates.

  7. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): Manage supplier relationships, track communications, and monitor supplier interactions to create stronger partnerships.

  8. Real-time Document Collaboration: Enable multiple parties to collaborate on documents in real-time, ensuring accuracy and version control.

  9. Large File Transfer: In its simplest form this is a versatile feature and a way to manage document issues away from the e-mail inbox.

  10. Training and Support: Provide resources, training materials, and support to both buyers and suppliers to ensure they effectively use the portal and understand the procurement processes.

If you can think of anything we've missed why not drop a comment in the boxes below to add to the knowledge centre.

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